Mobile optimization:Avoid the top 5 mobile optimization mistakes

Google has been shouting at web designers disclosing how to legitimately manufacture sites with the goal that they will comply with Google's guidelines and rank all the more profoundly or even just to continue existing rankings. Shockingly, numerous web-based advertising experts overlooked Google and continued with practices, for example, diverting all cell phone inquiries to their landing page. To compound the circumstance, there are such a significant number of specialist co-ops who have not by any means educated their current customers that their versatile destinations are not satisfactory and even stand the danger of their effectively all around situated sites being expelled from Google.

As per an SEO company in Delhi Tangensys, here are some of the most common mistakes which webmasters make during optimizing their site for mobile and if you are doing so then you need to stop these mistakes:

1. Faulty redirects: Google webmaster suggests you to correctly configure the redirection if you have the same smartphone URL so that users end up on that page they actually wanted for. But due to some reason the site owners do it wrong and send every mobile user to the desktop homepage, which is not correct because that was not the mobile user looking for when he/she clicked. 

To fix this issue, you all require a responsive website design that will directly serve the same content for both desktops as well as the smartphone user.

2. Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and Image Files: If Googlebot is not able to access JavaScript, CSS and Image File then indexing is going to be a very tough task as Googlebot will not able to see the site like average users. When your site’s robots.txt file disallows crawling, this is where the problem occurs. It also generates problems for indexing and then brings your ranking down.

To fix this problem, using Fetch as a Google feature in webmaster tool will help you to resolve this issue.

3. Slow mobile page: For an effective mobile strategy, page speed is one of the most important factors which an entrepreneur needs to look after. It always takes time to load the script, an image that has been requested for.

So, if you are facing the slow loading of mobile pages, then you have to improve page load time. For this, Pagespeed insights tools come into play. It helps you to look at how your website is performing in just a few seconds.

4. Stop 404 requests for mobile for your mobile versions: If a person is accessing a page that does not exist on the site, then the server will not have any page to send the visitor to. Then this type of error is said to be error code 404. The pages on the site change many times when they get redesigned. Then at that time some of the old sites may not exist.

To fix this problem, do check the Crawl errors report in webmasters and check the mobile devices to see if any URLs have 404 errors.  Again a responsive web design should fix the problem.

5. Unplayable contents: Whenever a person wants to see a video and that becomes unavailable then at that the person feels a very bad experience. Sometimes, many content types, such as flash, don’t seem to play at all the mobile phones and thus, causes unplayable content.

It can be fixed by using HTML5 standard tags for animation and use video embedding which is playable on all the devices. Google Web Designer can also make it easier in creating animations n HTML5 so that the content will become more accessible. 

Author Bio: Chinmayee Jha is a passionate content writer who writes on career guidance, job search, and interview tips to help job seeker find better career opportunities. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.