How Can You Improve The SEO Ranking With Customer Reviews?

The speed at which Google changes its algorithm to rank the web considering what factors is a top-secret that’s still unveiled?
However, the analysis of years suggests that the original and quality-driven content, mobile responsiveness, customer feedback, good performance and pretty more plays a vital role in the SEO optimization of the website.
According to the research, “The customer reviews contribute to 9.8% to boost up the link on Google.”
It’s startling but true. You might be thinking why reviews are considered so important. Here is the answer.
The reviews are the reflection of the type of content posted on the website. Good customer reviews signify that the content is unique, valuable, accessible through any device and shared on social media as well. Google crawlers keep the links at the top of the search engine pages that delight the customers.
Recently we have stepped in the year 2018 where the websites can take the benefit of these customer reviews to uplift the ranking and make their website SEO friendly. But, the very next question is how the websites can take the customer reviews to their advantage.

Here is the list of all tactics:

       Proactively promote customer reviews
You can leverage the customer reviews for social posting instead of monotonous advertisements that will not just intrigue the audience, while creates a positive image of the products or services you provide. It strengthens the trust and let them share the reviews without any incentives.
       Build website authority
The consistent posting of the good customer reviews in the quantity creates website the authority that highly impacts the website ranking. The Google bots recognize the links with the volume of ratings and high star ratings, and then make such links visible on the top of the Google pages.
       Improve long-tail keyword search
Organic SEO services are hired to improve the keywords’ organic search, but when the businesses have loads of positive customer feedback; hiring is no more needed.
The reason behind is customer reviews shows resemblance with the long tail or short tail keywords that customers use to make a search on Google for the business services, which in turn make the link automatically visible.
       Show up ratings on products and services pages
Making the higher ratings visible on the search engine and third party reviews websites help in catching more eyeballs and make the customers click on the link that upsurge the traffic volume. It also lets business in getting ahead of the pack with increased sales for which even the quality SEO service providers struggle.
       Uplift customers confidence
Most often, the customers before making any purchase prefer to view the existing customers’ reviews for the same services or products they are looking for. The positive reviews influence the customers’ buying decision and enable impulse buying, which improves sales.

What’s your SEO strategy in 2018?

Google frequent updates make it quite tough to understand the strategy and make the website SEO optimized. The customer reviews and ratings are so powerful that can aid the businesses to outrank, outgrow and outperform in the market without any hassle. So, it’s time to make your business stand out leveraging customer feeds without setting aside a budget for any online marketing company.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a Augmented Reality app development company, having a team of best app developers who delivers best Augmented Reality app solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes his knowledge on the blogging sites.