10 Things To Do If You Have Started Blogging

#10 –  Subscribing to Blogs:- Subscribing to Blogs via RSS reader or email subscriptions is a good choice and I would say just subscribe to each and every blog you find interesting, provided that they belong to the same niche. Reading others people's posts gives you a chance to expand your intelligence on the subject, watch their posts, analyze the keywords, and never the less give you ideas to post when you don't have any up sleeve. subscribing to 100+blogs won't hurt because more posts = more knowledge.
#9 – Analyze using Google's Webmasters™  & analytics™:- The webmaster tool Will enable you to analyze the pages which have been indexed and to submit your sitemap for better indexing and to check any Crawl errors or any tags which may not allow Google bots to crawl through your site. analytics gives you countless options to analyze your "small" traffic and work according to them to make it "big".
#8 –  Ping your Blog:- Pinging your blog to major directories using automated tools like ping-o-matic, pingler, autopingler can't give you instant traffic ( 90% don't receive traffic ) but they ensure that all the major search engines know that your blog has been updated. this helps in faster indexing of pages.
#7 – Social Bookmarking:- Start bookmarking each and every post, so that your friends and fellow users are informed of that post. when social bookmarking is done properly it is said to increase traffic beyond expectations.
#6 – Make Your Blog DO-FOLLOW:- make your comments section of your blog to follow, so that people backlink their sites in the comments. who wants a no follow link on a relatively new blog? – probably I wouldn't like it as well.
#5 –  Be Active on Blogs and Forums:- Being active on other blogs and forums can drive enormous traffic to your blog and give a boost in the number of backlinks and thus increase your page rank. subscribing to RSS can inform you of the latest posts in the subscribed blogs. participating in the number of forums can give you backlinks as well as good traffic. remember to talk as an expert in your niche.
#4 – Sign-up at Gravatar:- Gravatar gives you a global "avatar" so that people recognize you when they read your comments on other blogs/sites. the best feature is that it gives you a global recognization.
#3 -  Guest Blogging:- try to Guest blog on sites which receive huge traffic . for your articles to be accepted as guest posts, you need to have fresh and good content and using your "best articles " as guest content wouldn't hurt as well.
#2 – Article Submission:- Try Submitting articles to various article submission sites since they give you quality content and quality backlinks.
#1 – Start Blogging:- Yeah, start blogging already. post new articles every two days if not every day. Google loves Regular bloggers.

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