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Hello folks! Now you also can write for us. Seobotiq.com welcomes guest bloggers. Now we are open to accepting your great ideas, tips and trending news related to SEO, SMO, & other digital marketing topics.

Basic Guidelines for Writing Guest Post:

To avoid rejection, you need to follow our terms and conditions. Read our terms carefully

•    Only SEO, SMO, Google Updates, & other digital marketing related ideas, tips, and trending news will be accepted.
•    The post should be grammatical-error free, original, and plagiarism free. Note, we will run plagiarism test with top plagiarism checking tools.
•    Minimum required blog post length 1000 words.
•    Blog post title shouldn’t more than 75 Character with space.
•    Content should have at least two H2 Heading and 2-4 H3 headings with trending keywords.
•    Send images for your guest post but the image should be from copyright free source. You can take free images from Pixabay  etc.
•    We will not accept any link in the article.
•    Provide your author bio, we can give you single link in author bio section.
•    If we found your same content on another blog or site we will remove it without any notification, so don’t publish the same blog post on any other site.
•    After publishing your content on seobotiq.com, it will be a property of seobotiq.com. We have all right to reject, delete, or edit your blog post under any circumstances without any notice.

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